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MURP Publications

Through the years, MURP and MURP members have published a number of fine publications. Some of them have been simple newsletters, others have been scenarios, and still more have been our irregular magazine, the Prestidigitator. They are slowly being moved onto the website, and should be available slowly.

Son of MURP

The Son of MURP (SoM) is a bisemester newsletter which keeps members in touch with what's happening and what is coming up.


Started in 1991, the 'tator began as a printed magasine with some serious (well sort of) roleplaying ideas as well as random gibbering from the club members. It originally had artwork too! In later years it has been a little sporadic, and has moved to being an online production.

Scenario Books

Produced for Capricon's V and VI, the scenario books included a goodly number of the games that ran at each of those conventions. They will slow be added onto the site as time permits.

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