The Prestidigitator

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The Prestidigitator began its mispelled life in the gentle, yet somehow compelling, hands of the 1991 MURP committee, and more precisely, in the hands of the then Editor, Venn King.

Then a print publication, the first Prestidigitator was an icon of hope, of freedom and of the triumph of injokes. Ah, yes, those heady days of the early 1990s, where anyone could slap together some half-ready articles, a couple of bits of fiction and a few half-assed committee reports, sprinkle in some bits of local art, and it would be done, with only 2 days of backbreaking addressing, stamping and mailed left to go.

The 'tator, as it is fondly called, has had many an incarnation since its early days as a 36 page folio, from The Strewth to a brief stint as a four page newsletter, to a vehicle for a con entry form. Now, of course, it is an online publication , irregularily produced whenever there is enough material available.

Therefore we proudly present,... The Prestidigitator, the official organ of the Monash University Roleplayers.

Year Issue Contents
1991AprilInaugral Edition
AugustSTREWTH!, The visions of NostraNissen
1992FebruaryBig Boffo Book of Daemons
MayFiction, The many faces of Dice
1995February O-Week
OctoberPost-Capricon, STREWTH!
1996February O-Week
AprilHaiku, Arcanaquest, Tales from Huzikkidar
JulyMinutes, Cultists
1999May Bear Joke Unleashed
Shadow government, Why roleplaying is better than sex, Boot Hill
July Meme Plague Reaches Epic Proportions
Music, "MURP WARS", Chronologies
October President implicated in ! shortage
MURP:the Roleplaying Game, Monster maker, Cognitive Dissonance Music
2000 February Lack of Y2K compliancy suspected in memory crash
MURP:the Roleplaying Game Supers Extensions, Wine Selection, Dice suffer Y2K crash