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... to MURP in 1996.

Monash University Roleplayers, eerily enough, is a club dedicated to roleplaying - not just actually running games, but increasing people's enjoyment in games, introducing them to new forms of roleplaying, to new games, to new ways of playing characters and running games, introducing people to other roleplayers.

In 1995, MURP was everywhere - we had more than 5 Infernal Torments, an indoor soccer game, camps at Portsea, teams at Conquest and at Arcanacon, and our own Convention, CAPRICON.

This year we want to do more - which means we need you to be involved, to be hyped, to be motivated, to be drinking... erm, thinking. The club needs all of its members to be active, not just a few of the committee and their housemates and breeding partners.

We need people to come up with new ideas, not just for games and such, but also just for doing stuff - social events as well as gaming events.

We need writers for Infernal Torments, for camps and especially for Capricon. We need GMs to run games every week. But we also need players - people who are willing to turn up regularily and have fun. It is all of these people that make the club active and loud. All the organising of games in the world won't help if no one turns up to play.

In the end, it is the members who make any University club vital and alive.

Outgoing President
Damien Moore.

Late last year, a 'tator was produced (some of which is reprinted in this one) that wasn't properly distributed. This was mostly my fault - I kind of lost all of my motivation, couldn't get stuff done, etc. Again, my apologies to anyone who missed out.