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President's Report

Well, here we are. Happy as can be. Another year begun with a happy and bustling MURP bursting at the seams with role-playing enthusiasm, not to mention petty rivalries, bickering and in-fighting. In short, business as usual.

Thanks to everyone who came on the camp, I think we are agreed it was a success. Polana worked out well, so we'll be back there next year. The next camp will be in August, at Portsea. Oh yeah, if you brought a jaffle maker to the camp and haven't seen it since, it's trussed up in the boot of my car, begging to be left out.

Conquest is now part of history, somewhat marred by a few cancellations, but all in all a success for MURP. If you didn't go, you might want to take advantage of MURP's generous offer to pay at least half the rego fee and go to Arcanacon in July - get a booklet (we'll have some soon) and make up your mind early. Those who did go, cough up the dough you owe us, if you haven't already. (Treasurer's comment: Well, actually, you're the only one who hasn't paid yet, Mr. President)

Of paramount importance, of course, is our own con - Capricon VI - to be held on the 27th-29th of September. Tentatively subtitled Desperately Seeking Subtitle but with The Next Generation and A Whole lotta Roleplayin' still in contention (Ed: See the competition), we are looking for GMs/scenarios/freeforms already, so let me, Damien Moore or the community in general know if you've got something in mind.

Cons aside, turn up to the infernal during Club Week (Thurs 18th April) - Where the Willows Were by yours truly. All welcome and pizza bestowed freely on all comers. GMs even more welcome.. talk to me if you feel like GMing.

Also, please keep coming to the Monday night seminars. Our undiluted thanks are extended to Marion and Phil Anderson, for their planning, persistance, and patience with the inevitable smart-arse.. um, I mean witty interruptions that occur. Stay tuned for more amusing workshop-type evenings.

(If you were expecting something humourous, read the treasurer's report...)

Colin Jacobs
1996 President