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Monash University Roleplayers Committee, 2011

As a C&S club, MURP is run by a committee of elected students. These elections are usually held within the first two weeks of semester, at the club Annual General Meeting (AGM). The positions are awarded on a simple majority. In the case of a tie votes are cast again or the position is given dual delegates.

There are three major positions, as defined by C&S and our constitution. Every club which is an affiliate of the Clubs and Societies organisation has these three positions as part of their committee, as they are held to be the responsible parties for a club. These three positions are:


The club president is responsible for the whole club. It is up to the president to make sure that the other committee members are doing their jobs, and to keep the club surfing along on a tide of their own enthusiasm. The president's job is all encompassing, and is best summed up as "makes sure things are ok".

Current incumbent: James Wright


Money! The treasurer is responsible for all the club finances. Not only does this mean they pay for club activities, but they must also chase down grants that the club may receive from C&S and ensure that event reports are delivered to the C&S office on time so that the club receives those grants. The position of treasurer does not require much math ability beyond addition and subtraction, but does require a lot of organisational ability. The treasurer must keep track of all incoming and outgoing money meticulously, else when time comes for the club to submit an audit, they find themselves in a state of hysteria. This is not a job for the uncommitted.

Current incumbent: Patrick Thomson

Secretary (Publicist)

The secretary of a club is not a minor position. The secretary is responsible for all correspondance, for room bookings and for general organisation. The secretary takes minutes of each meeting (necessary for the audit - see 'treasurer' and 'hysteria' if this is not done). The secretary is in many ways the official spokesperson for the club, and the official ears. Part of the secretary's duties include bullying and assisting the treasurer and the president.

Current incumbent: Becc Brandt

The club has several other committee positions, some of which are peculiar to the club because of its nature. These positions are differentiated from the president, secretary and treasurer only because of the difference with which C&S regard them.

Vice President (Con Org)

Although in earlier times the VP was indeed in charge of vice, in these enlightened times, the VP is mostly responsible for the organisation of games on Thursday, MURP attendance at Cons, and lifts from Thursdays, Cons and Camps.

Current incumbent: Isabelle Branchflower

Assistant Treasurer

The assistant treasurer is sort of a safety net for the current Treasurer. Basically they are there to help out with any money-related things that come up, and also to learn the ropes with an eye to being treasurer next year.

Current incumbent: Kiandra Young


The librarian is responsible for lending out and making sure of the return of, the MURP library. This library now fills two good size lockers, so this is no small job. The librarian is also responsible to the committee for making recommendations as to what additional roleplaying resources the club should buy.

Current incumbent:Matt Sutton (Phe / PandaHatMatt)

General Members/First Year Reps

The position of First Year Rep fulfills many functions. At the core, it is hoped that other first years, who may be a bit intimidated by the older club members (it happens) will still be happy to talk to the fyr. Also, by having a first year student on the committee it is hoped that they will pick up some of the skills needed to take a more senior position later in their Uni career.

Current incumbents: George Mutch, Hugh Aldous

Contact the committee: murp@yoyo.its.monash.edu.au

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