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Joining MURP

Joining MURP is simple - you ante up the $2 ($7 for if you don't have a Community Card) and sign a piece of paper, we give you a membership card. Done!

Clayton students are eligible to be full members - people outside of that narrow definition are associate members. The difference is because Clubs and Societies provides grants for Clayton students - which means that we sometimes have to charge extra for associate members who want to participate in some of the MURP events.

Membership benefits

Being a member of MURP allows you to come along to all of the regular game nights on Thursdays, and to join in the occasional internal tournament that is run. It also gets you access to the MURP library, and its shelves of goodies. You can come along to the camps that we run in March and August. A MURP card is enough to get you a discount at some of the gaming stores around Melbourne - check with the committee for who these generous souls are.

You get to enter conventions in pre-organised teams, increasing your chance of actually playing events. You receive the fabulous murp-l email announcements, keeping you up to date with the club's activities. And you get your own members-only part of the club website, allowing you access to many ancient seekrits.

You also get to socialise with a large cross-section of Monash students, staff and ex-students. Never ignore the power of an ever increasing social network when it comes to leaving the University and looking for a job - or just for meeting new folks - or even the fun that comes with learning about your friends' bizarre hobbies.

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