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Who - or what - is MURP?

What is roleplaying?

Roleplaying games are, very simply, games you play by assuming a role.

You define, or sometimes get given, a character and act the part of that character as part of a game. The game itself usually a story, and you 'win' by having the story finish in the way your character would like it to.

There's no audience - the story is told for the entertainment of the people in the game.

The sorts of stories that get told vary as much as the sorts of stories people watch on tv, or read in books, or see at plays. If you have a favourite genre, come along and see if someone is running a game for you.


Monash University Role Players (MURP) is a Clubs & Societies affiliate at Monash University. Birthed in the early 1980's, in the last 20 odd years we've attended, run and written for Conventions, hosted weekend camps, run seminars, movie nights and midnight-to-dawn lasertag games, organised bbqs, produced magazines and published books of scenarios.

Oh yeah, and roleplayed.

The club is dedicated to encouraging, supporting and generally promoting roleplaying in all its forms. We do this by providing a load of resources for our members, like space at Monash to run regular games and irregular tournaments, a library of roleplaying material and advice on writing and playing games.

Outside of the club, we sponsor people to enter conventions like Arcanacon, Conquest and UniCon.

There are usually about 100 members in any given year, and most people stay members for about three or four years (people often fade away as they finish their degree and aren't at Monash any more). It's not just geeky computer science students either - we have lots of different types of geeky science students. And arts, and engineering, and education and law, and medicine students - because we encourage different genres of roleplaying games, there's a wide appeal in joining and staying around.

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