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Welcome to MURP for 2013

News & Events...

O-Week: Monday 25th February - Friday March 1st
Make sure to come by the MURP stall and sign up for another year of awesome roleplaying! We can be found at A8, which is all the way at the end of the first aisle to the left - a map!

Once-off Game (Infernal) - Thursday March 7th
This year we will be following the antics of Lady Blackbird and the crew of The Owl as they journey through space, 'The Wild Blue', encountering danger, romance, and possibly giant tentacles. Make sure to bring plenty of d6s and stomachs for pizza and soft drinks! Starting at about 6 for a nice little meet and greet, games should start about 7 and go until about 10 or 11.

AGM - Thursday March 14
The AGM is where we will usher in a new set of fools to lay as sacrifice upon the altar for our Mighty G...no, wait, I'm reading the wrong notes, we're voting in a new committee. Dangit, I was really hoping for some bloodshed this year...

New Games - Thursday March 14
If you'd like to GM this semester this is the time to recruit players. GMs, please send an e-mail to the committee to let us know you'd like to GM, and we can also book a room for you. If you're not sure if you have a room booked, email the committee

Camp. CAAAAAAAMP - Friday March 22nd to Sunday March 24th
That's right, camp is BACK. Running from Friday March 22nd-Sunday March 24th, we will offer up boardgames, food, drinks and maybe a few one-off roleplay games as well. Come along to hang out with your nerdy comrades for the weekend and maybe meet a person or two. We can do lifts up to camp and back if required. Sign up now!

CONQUEST - Friday 29th March - Monday 1st April
Conquest, one of Melbourne's best roleplaying cons (don't worry, they're all fabulous :) ) will be held over the easter weekend. More details can be found here http://conquest.asn.au/ There's always something to play at cons; for those who have never been, we strongly recommend it! You meet a lot of people from all over Victoria who come to these gigs and you meet awesome roleplayers and writers. If you're eager to try your hand at writing, a con is a great way to start. Sadly submissions for Conquest are finished, but there's always another con :) For those who have never been to cons, some games you might like to try out include 'You have been selected' and 'Friday night poker: The DOCTOR WHO EDITION'. The con is easily accesible by public transport and by car :)

All this and more is advertised on the mailing list...
Mailing list? What mailing list? If you've signed up to MURP, but don't seem to be on the mailing list, then please let the committee know as soon as possible so this can be rectified. You might also want to take a quick look in your spam folders just to be sure - any email from the club comes with a subject line that starts with [murp-l]


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