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MURP is one of the most active clubs at the University, and as such we are involved in something different nearly every week. As well as our regular meetings every Thursday we have Infernal Torments, Conventions, Camps and more.

Regular Games...

The bread and butter of MURP activities through the year is the regular game nights on Thursdays. People get together and play their regular games.

Thinking of running something? Want to let people know? Contact the committee and we'll put the details up here for people to see.

If you're not in a game, and want to be, let the committee know (email) and they can help you out.

Not exactly sure what goes on? Read on...

Infernal Torments

Or, rather Internal Tournaments are the irregular once-off games that MURP runs during semester. We usually pick up a game that was popular at a recent convention, but sometimes its more likely to be an old favourite, especially if its being run at the start of the year for new folks.

Want to write an Infernal? By all means! We'd love to run more of them, and they don't have to be on a regular game night, if you have an idea that requires some more flexibility. Give the committee a yell and talk to them about what you want to do.

MURP Camps

Twice a year, MURP organises a weekend away for fun and frivolity. The camp (we don't actually camp, we stay inside) is a great excuse to come along and play boardgames, play roleplaying games, sit around and be social and generally get to know the rest of the club. Think of it as a weekend long party at someone else's house.

What actually happens? In short, we hire a campsite for a weekend. People show up randomly on the Friday night (after 6pm please, no food provided on Friday night). A couple of random social games might be organised on the Friday, but Friday is usually just spent being social and generally getting to know people.

Saturday morning is spent partially recovering from Friday night. Traditionally Saturday afternoon is spent playing boardgames or roleplaying. Some actual official roleplaying might happen on Saturday night but feel free to bring and organise stuff. Sunday is spent recovering from Saturday, slowly getting stuff together, cleaning up and heading off back to Melbourne in the midafternoon.

Roleplaying Conventions

You might not be aware, but Melbourne has a rich history of running roleplaying conventions during the year. A roleplaying convention is basically a weekend or more of once-off games. You can go along with a team or as an individual, sign up for the games that are on offer and spend your weekend in a frenzy of gaming, leaping from event to event.

Cons are especially a good time to play the games that you might be curious about but not have the cash to buy on a whim, or to play games in styles that don't work at home around the table, such as freeforms, which are large roleplaying games that concentrate more on character than the game parts of the hobby.

Melbourne Cons include Arcanacon in January, Conquest over Easter and UniCon during the midsemester break in September. Other cons might be on during the year too - keep an eye out for announcements.

And Much More...

The club also organises and is involved with Annual Dinners, Christmas BBQs, paintball and laser tag, and other fun stuff through the year. Join now!

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