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LaserZone Death Camp

As the Secret Government crumbles beneath the weight of its own corruption, more details of the depths to which they have sunk in order to perpetuate their own power are becoming apparently daily.

This week's revelation of secret convention training camps where young roleplayers are driven to bloodlust has shocked a club barely recovered from exams.

These camps are no picnic - the 'volunteers' are deprived of the most basic of human rights, sleep deprived, confused with drugs, deprived of human contact and virtually imprisoned within an intricate maze of ramps, tunnels and barriers.

Flashing lights, loud music, suprise tests, high protein and smart-drug 'nutritional' supplements, hour-long debriefing sessions and an intensive computer-based training program await those who survive the psychological trauma of the initial 'boot camp' process.

Those that fail are either killed or psychologically shattered, left as virtual zombies, unable to raise a single dice in their defense.

After 8 straight hours of brainwashing,
these young roleplayers are dazed and confused,
willing to accept any information fed to them as gospel.

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