Son of MURP!
The Semi-official Newsletter of the Monash University Roleplayers

Volume 3. Issue Number 3. 15th June 2000 - Exams Editions

Breaking News:

So you've finished your exams and are wondering what to do with your Copious Free Time? Or maybe you need a good excuse to not study? Well, never fear, MURP leaps to your rescue once again!

Upcoming Events:

MURP CAMP! 4th - 6th August, Greyfriars Camp, Mt. Eliza. $30 (or $40 for the fully waged). Collect a form on the first Thursday night, or fill one out on the website (coming soon), and get it back to us as soon as possible. Transport, vegetarian/vegan menus will be arranged if requested. See you there!

Regular Official Meetings:

Regular Meetings start again for Semester 2 on Thursday 20th July from around 6pm in the Conference Room, Upstairs Union. There will be an Infernal Torment the first week, and then back into regular Thursday night gaming. Restart your game from last semester, or enthuse at random people and start something new!

Other Stuff:

MURP Committee - 2000
President Ken Blakey Vice President Tim Betz
Secretary Jenni de Gille TreasurerKate Brown
Ass't Treasurer Owen Dalton Publicist Ian Thomas/Damien Moore
LibrarianPhil Keast First Year Reps Avi Waksberg/Jessica Stevens
MURP Website Email:

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