Son of MURP!
The Semi-official Newsletter of the Monash University Roleplayers

Volume 2. Issue Number 2. April 18th 1999

Breaking News
  • Annual MURP Dinner!. Friday 30th April, La Casetta, 1066 Center Rd Clayton. $20 per head. Reply to Sarah or Ken by Friday 23rd April.

    Stuff coming up
  • UNICON!. We need writers for our very own convention. Just like Conquest, but more so. Get your scenario proposals to the Presidents as soon as possible. There will be a Meeting, 26th April 7pm for people interested in writing. Blurbs are due June 1st!
  • Murp Camp! 6th August to 9th August at Greyfriers, Mt Eliza. Greyfriers is a old Catholic Monastery on a hill, is an excellent campsite, and a perennial MURP favourite. Mark your calendars now! We're looking for people to run games on the Saturday afternoon too.
  • Damien is collating highlights from the Conquest Convention for the web page. Get reviews, anecdotes, embarrassing photos and so on to him ASAP.
  • Arcanacon Roleplaying Convention, 1st to 4th July, Collingwood College. Publicist has booklets, and needs your entries by end of May.
  • Dwarfcon Convention 11th to 14th June. Lyndale College, Dandenong North.

    Regular Meetings
  • Every Thursday Night 6pm - 10pm-ish Main Roleplaying Night
    MURP runs all sorts of games --- last semester we had Vampire, Werewolf, Traveller/GURPS, Elric!, Paranoia and many more. Need GMs and Players!
  • Every Monday Night 6pm - 10ish Free Video Night and Roleplaying.

    Where? Conference Room upstairs union building. MURPites often spotted near MAPS room opposite Main Dining Room as well (also at lunchtimes).

    Other Stuff
  • Get any money you still owe from Conquest to the treasurer, otherwise we won't let you go to Arc!
  • Presdigitator, Our own online roleplaying magazine, is alive! Send stories, articles to Publicist, and find your creative genius immortalised forever! Run, don't walk!
  • MURP Roleplaying Library is open for borrowing. We have a new updated list of the contents too. See the librarian (duh), on thursday nights.
  • Speaking of libraries: Capital Purchase: We're in the final stages of buying new stuff for the library. See the librarian if you have purchasing suggestions.
  • Son of MURP! What's happening? Send Info to Ian - ph 9905-9007 (work), email: or GoofeyName:iant

  • MURP Committee - 1999
    President Ken Blakey Vice President Sarah Johnson
    Secretary Kate Brown TreasurerJulian Mathws
    Ass't Treasurer Owen Dalton Publicist Ian Thomas/Damien Moore
    LibrarianDanny Frog First Year Reps Emma Hickingbotham/Michael Langkilde
    MURP Website Email:

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