Son of MURP!
The Semi-official Newsletter of the Monash University Roleplayers

Volume 3. Issue Number 1. 21st Feb 2000

Breaking News:
  • Infernal Torment! (I mean, Internal Tournament).
    Thursday 2nd March, 6pm-10pm FREE PIZZA! and socialising. Come play ``The Game''. More Tournaments coming later in the year.

    Stuff coming up:
  • Murp Camp!
    24th - 26th March at Greyfriers, Mt Eliza. Greyfriers is an old Catholic Monastery on a hill, is an excellent campsite, and a perennial MURP favourite. Get forms from meeting on thursday nights!
  • MURP Committee Elections and AGM.
    Thursday 9th March at 6pm, before roleplaying. Please come along and excercise your democratic rights, and watch the political machinations...
  • Conquest Roleplaying Convention.
    21st-24th April (note new dates!), University High School, Melbourne. Join the MURP teams, and get a discount on registration costs. or talk to the ConOrg to get a booklet with the fabulously complicated entry forms.

    Regular Meetings:
  • Main Roleplaying Night
    Every Thursday Night 6pm - 10pm-ish
    Come along and get in a game for this semester!
    MURP runs all sorts of games --- last semester we had Vampire, Werewolf, Traveller/GURPS, Elric!, Paranoia and many more. Need GMs and Players!
  • Free Video Night
    Every Tuesday Night (note: new night) 6pm - 10ish Free Video Night. Come along, socialise, and watch trashy movies!

    Conference Room upstairs union building. MURPites often spotted near MAPS room opposite Main Dining Room as well (also at lunchtimes).

    Other Stuff:
  • MURP Roleplaying Library is open for borrowing. See the librarian (duh), on Thursday nights.
  • Membership cards will be given out the week after AGM. Get discounts at roleplaying shops around Melbourne!
  • Son of MURP! What's happening? Send Info to Ian (ph 9905-9007 (work)) or Email: or GoofeyName: iant

  • MURP Committee - 2000
    President Ken Blakey Vice President Tim Betz
    Secretary Jenni de Gille TreasurerKate Brown
    Ass't Treasurer Owen Dalton Publicist Ian Thomas/Damien Moore
    LibrarianPhil Keast First Year Reps Avi Waksberg/Jessica Stevens
    MURP Website Email:

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