Son of MURP!
The Semi-official Newsletter of the Monash University Roleplayers

Volume 2. Issue Number 4. 21st October 1999

Breaking News:
Now the year is winding down, you may think thats the end of MURP as we know it. But NO! You cannot escape that easily! Nothing changes! We've still got

As many students have restricted access to email over summer, we have come up with a PLAN B! Presenting...

The MURP Phone!
Call the MURP Phone regularly to find out the latest news and events!
98859581 or 95432079

Opcoming Events
  • MURP CAMP! 28th - 30th January, Melbourne Girls School Camp, Redesdale (same as Jan 1999). $25 (or $30 for the fully waged). All the details at or email the organizers at or ph 9885-9581 Transport, vegetarian/vegan menus will be arranged if requested. See you there!

    Regular Official Meetings:
    See you all next semester at Orientation week next year.

    Other Stuff:
  • Presdigitator, Issue 2 is online! Check it out! Send stories, articles to Publicist, and find your creative genius immortalised forever! Run, don't walk!
  • MURP Roleplaying Library is open for borrowing. We finally have new items in the locker too! Contact Librarian through email or ph 9802-2509
  • Son of MURP! What's happening? Send Info to Ian (ph 9905-9007 (work)) or Email: or GoofeyName:iant

  • MURP Committee - 1999
    President Ken Blakey Vice President Sarah Johnson
    Secretary Kate Brown TreasurerJulian Mathws
    Ass't Treasurer Owen Dalton Publicist Ian Thomas/Damien Moore
    LibrarianDanny Frog First Year Reps Emma Hickingbotham/Michael Langkilde
    MURP Website Email:

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