Capricon III,

Capricon '94 will be held at Monash University Union Building from Friday December 9 to Sunday December 11. It is presented by the Monash University Role Players. Registration begins on Friday at 11:00am, and there will be seven sessions in all at the convention: two on Friday, three on Saturday and two on Sunday. All tournaments are single-session scenarios, so those who wish can play every tournament.

Long Live the Kings

AD&D 2ndEd, by Aidan Doyle

The Kingdom of Tralmeth is in trouble. King Jerrolde has, once again, managed to let things get out of hand. The next few days hold many arduous tasks for him, and quite frankly, he isn't up for the job. For once, there's that Republican movement that needs crushing. Secondly, the evil and ruthless Lord Smolder has challenged the King to a duel to the death. Furthermore, young Prince Ibec has reaches that delicate age, and is in need of some fatherly advice. And just what has the Court Wizard been building in his laboratory for the last 6 months.

Fortunately for King Jerrolde, the High Priest of the land has attempted to save the Kingdom. His plan probably should work. All he needs is a little help from Jerrolde's predecessors.

Now the Kingdom of Tralmeth has four Kings too many. All of them the rightful ruler.

A light-hearted, single-session adventure for four players.

Greensleeves at Night

Cthulhu by Rob Shankly and the Consortium

Dr Holmsby is very pleased with the group's progress. For three weeks now most members have been following, more of less, the calorie-controlled eating plan and meditation regime. Mr. O'Toole swears that he's not touched a drop since the start of the program. It is true that Ms. Dwyer is still very tense and is unable to reduce her medication, but this will be overcome in due course.

Mrs Caissa will be a long-term problem, but her up-coming divorce should aid her recovery. It is good that the rest of the group have shown her such support and sympathy as she recovers from her stay in supervised care.

A single-session scenario set in Melbourne's brooding suburbs.

"The Return Of...."

Cthulhu (Non-Mythos),by Andy Smith

Something has happened; you're sure of it. Where is the man you used to be? The man you used to be would have known where he was, why he ached, why he lay naked here amongst the others.

If only you knew who he was - he'd have some explaining to do.

To open your eyes could bring answers or could bring madness; you don't want either - but you know you must! Scattered fragments of the past cower in the murky blackness of your mind. They are too painful, too suggestive to explore - but you know you must! You really don't have to play this scenario - but you know you must!

A single-session adventure for four or five amnesia-stricken players.

Taken for a Ride

Elric, by Dave Nissen and Lycanthrope & Son

Down on your luck? Having trouble moving your merchandise? Don't despair!

Come to sunny Dhoz-Kam, City of Oppurtunity. For a mere twenty percent of the total value of your wares, the pride of Menii will take you and your stock on a round trip tour of some of the most lucrative trading ports in the Young Kingdoms, starting with Dhoz-Kam - home to the rich, gullible and eager to please.

So pack your special offers, discount vouchers and free steak knives; but hurry, this offer is too good to last!

A single session Elric scenario set in Oin and Yu. Four players per team.

A Matter of Purity

Cyberpunk, by Dave Rogerson

In 2020, Purity is an abstract concept. Do cybernetic enhancements constitute taints on humanity? An ever decreasing segment of society believes they do. Other see things differently; cyberware is merely a natural extension of mankinds' constant quest to eradicate the imperfections of the human body.

For some people, television is a big business: billions of dollars are spent by each of the major networks as they vie for the highest ratings.

The MCA is a small, insignificant organisation catering to a diminishing band of traditionalists. what the MCA needs is exposure through the electronic media. Network 21 is not a high profile network. In a world dominated by corporate interests, publicly owned stations rely on their viewers for funds, and when this income dries up, such networks can no longer operate. Coverage of the MCA is about as low profile as it gets, but when you can't afford anything else, what can you do? Now there is a scandal in the MCA, and everyone wants to know about it. Network 21 is suddenly competing with the big boys. The MCA executive is calling an investigation; the Network will help... won't they?

A one session tournament set in futuristic Melbourne. For four players.

The Greatest Show

Runequest, by Ian Clark and Malcolm Harrison

Step right up, step right up! This is it! Welcome to the greatest show in Glorantha! Right here in Sunny Prax, you will be amazed; you will be astounded; you will be flabbergasted! It's all here! Marvel at Maki the Magnificent, at Grymbar the Great, at Shallor the Stupendous, and at the Phenomenal Phystos, to name just four. Don't miss this one-night only extravaganza, brought to you by the Sensational Broobeater Brothers.

This is,without doubt, the Greatest Show in Glorantha!

A one-session Runequest tournament for four players.

If you play just one tournament this year, make it this one.

Three of Hearts

Storyteller (White Wolf), by Damien Moore

Melbourne, 1974 - Melbourne's first serial killer slaughters 14 people over a month, ravaging them like a wild animal, and drinking their blood, ending in a fire fight with police, during which the house he was hiding in caught fire and burned the killer to death.

Case closed.

Melbourne, 1994 - Over the last week, three horrific murders have occured. Each body was found, unmarked, no sign of a struggle, completely drained of blood. The police fear a copycat killer. The media uses this for either another attack upon the critised police, or to declare that there are vampire killers stalking the streets.

A young girl of a well-respected family is the third death. Her father, enraged at the police platitudes, uses his influence to find those who may suceed where the police have failed.

None of you have ever experienced this before. Curiosity draws you onwards. Fear makes you cautious.

A single-session tournament for four players, using the StoryTeller system.

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